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Takeaway and food delivery has become the norm. High quality packaging has to improve with demand.

DATE: Dec 8th, 2022

High quality packaging should strike a balance between delivering the aesthetic of brand value and material applicability.

As dietary consumption habits change at every moment, takeaway, food delivery, and prepared food are becoming the norm.

Simple packaging cannot meet the requirements of the future market.

Consumers’ dietary habits are completely different from the past, the catering industry is impacted the most.

According to the investigation, the consuming behavior of people has dramatically changed during the pandemic, including changing to takeout (26.2%), buying the hoarding of convenient prepared food(12.9%) and food delivery (10.2%).

These consuming behavior changes have a significant impact on meals served ways and types.

Although in the same cooking method, the restaurant industry might not put much effort into food presentation.

However, is it accomplished when you pack a dish into a package for sale?

The crucial influence is quality packaging. The package material which was not considered the most important in the past, but nowadays they need to adapt to market change.

What does the restaurant industry need to pay attention to keep up? Even let food quality packaging deliver brand value?

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