High Quality
We manufacture customized paper box, paper bag carefully and precisely.Always our honor and pleasure to serve
Sell Wordwide
We have suppliers and customers from everywhere around the world And we are trying to reach every corner
Optimal Price
We can’t guarantee that we have the lowest quotation But we have the optimal balance on cost and quality
More brand impact
With our capabilities in design and engineering, we can confidently deliver the brand impact you need to succeed.
Can’t Find Ideal box Packaging For Your Industries ?
We provide custom solutions to all our customers and offer free box samples that you can take advantage of.
We have the world's most advanced pre-production,color printing,post-printing processing equipment machines with has the perfect quality assurance and environmental management system and ;Has the enterprise resource planning (ERP)computer management system.It has perfect quality assurance,environmental management system and food safety management system.
More Options for Custom Food Boxes.
Customize trendy boxes to capture the attention and interest of your target market, increasing brand recognition and profit. packaging boxes, from the eco-friendly materials to the designs, greatly influence the marketability of the and create a unique relationship with the customers.
Free Consultation
A one-on-one meeting with one of our experts will give us a comprehensive understanding of your product.
FOOD Box Design
Communicate in detail with our designers to design a box that satisfies you, from size to color, so that your brand is fully enhanced.
Free Samples
We support free samples and send you the first samples before the end of production.
Safe Delivery
Upon receipt of samples and no problematic conditions, we can make a full security delivery.
Do you have specifications or ideas about the boxes for your brand?
Send your unique design ideas and let Tianxiang help you turn them into affordable marketing boxes today.
Got Wholesale Food Boxes?
Whether for a thousand or for a hundred thousand, delivers remarkable boxes at wholesale prices.
OUR Partners
Looking forward to working with you to enhance your brand.