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Why it’s important to brand your packaging

DATE: Apr 21st, 2023
Without a store front it becomes a challenge to market your food service if you don’t already have a large online presence. Where social media platforms can help gain a following there are other forms of marketing that can help reach customers while you operate behind closed doors. 

One of these key investments that can also be very cost effective and will help engage with customers over social media to drive your takeaway business is custom printed food packaging. 

According to a new study by Maru/Matchbox, 69 percent of millennials take a photo (or a video) of their food before eating. This right here is free adverting and will help build an online following by letting your customers do the work. 

Tianxiang offer a wide range of packaging solutions and the best part about it is we specialise in takeaway food packaging. 

Here are 4 products to get you started. 


Custom branded tamper evident stickers 

Stickers are the go to product when you don’t know where to start with custom branded packaging. A basic sticker with your logo can take your plain packaging to the next level. The best thing about stickers is that you can pretty much add them to any packaging. We have a variety of shapes, sizes and finishes on our site and there are no limitations on colours and branding. 

Add a large square sticker to your burger or pizza box or add a clear vinyl sticker to your PET milkshake cups. The best part about stickers are  that they can be used to seal your sweet or savoury treats in the form of a tamper evident sticker.

Takeaway bags

There is no other feeling other than when you are notified that your Uber Eats driver is approaching your front door in the next minute and you spring from your sofa after pausing that Friday night movie you have picked to collect your carefully selected food. The handing over of the bag has got to be the best part. Make that point count by branding your takeaway bag with a sticker or having them custom printed with your branding. Stand out from the crowd so that customer remembers you and knows where their burger has come from. 


Food boxes & trays

We offer self assemble and pre glued food trays and boxes that can be custom branded with your logo on. This is the top tier level of custom printed packaging and here at Tianxiang we offer it all. 

Get in touch today to help promote your product and let the customers market your businesses through you use of custom branded packaging. 



Still not finding what you're looking for? Contact our consultants for more available products.