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Stock Your Home Take-Out Boxes

DATE: Aug 16th, 2020
A good food packaging box can be convenient for all your daily needs, and can play a perfect publicity effect for brand enterprises.Today, we will introduce a kraft paper food packaging box for you!!!

Eco-Friendly: Made from natural kraft paper stock using a chlorine-free manufacturing process and integrated soy blend eco-wax, this bag supports the green movement without sacrificing function!
Keep Food Fresh Longer: The Stock Your Home Kraft Brown Take Out Boxes are perfect for keeping your food fresh, as well as, refrigerating and microwaving takeout or leftover food. They are also an eco-friendly alternative to lunch boxes.
Heat Tolerant and Leak-Proof Design: These large boxes were specially designed to hold greasy foods without having liquids seeping through. Your meals will be securely packaged in these travel size to-go containers. They are also microwaveable.
Perfect for Catering: Whether you're hosting a party or running a food servicing business, these containers are perfect for serving both cold and hot dishes.
Stock Your Home Kraft Take-Out Boxes make take-out and delivery a breeze! Made of SBS paperboard, our food boxes are designed with a tab-lock top to keep food secure for delivery or taking on the go. No need to worry about leaks or spills! Our to-go boxes for food have a poly-coated interior keeping grease, oil, and moist foods from leaking through. Our boxes are also refrigerator safe and microwavable.
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