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What Is The Significance Of Food Packaging?

DATE: Aug 16th, 2022
Food in the process of processing, storage and handling, the nutritional composition of food will have different degrees of adverse impact, and take packaging measures, the purpose is to control and adjust these adverse factors to the damage of food. The factors that packaging can control, such as light (mainly ultraviolet) irradiation, oxygen concentration, humidity change, heat conduction, the diffusion of some components in food, external physical and mechanical damage to food and insect and microbial invasion, etc.

Pack food properly. It will bring great convenience and benefit to producers, storagers, sales operators and consumers. In a nutshell, food packaging can achieve the following direct effects.

(1) To protect food quality, to prevent food spoilage through scientific and reasonable selection of packaging materials and packaging technology method, to separate the food and the surrounding environment, to eliminate the influence of environmental factors on the poultry product, avoid food physical and chemical change, ensure the quality of food in the process of circulation stability, prolong the shelf life of food and storage period.

(2) Prevent food from being contaminated by external microorganisms and dirt. The process and circulation of food from the factory to the hands of consumers are very complex, and there are many opportunities for contamination. The most frightening is secondary contamination by pathogenic fine seedlings such as Clostridium and Clostridium botulinum, which can cause food poisoning to consumers. Therefore, reasonable and hygienic packaging is completely possible to eliminate the possibility of external contamination.

(3) Make food production more rational and labour-saving Food packaging has become increasingly mechanized and automated. This can not only save labor, but also reduce the possibility of contamination during packaging operation and improve production efficiency. At the same time, the packaged food produced by mechanization and automation is more uniform and standardized than that of manual operation, which provides favorable conditions for the design of transportation packaging structure, as well as the standardization of transportation and storage.

(4) Promote and improve the rationalization and planning of food circulation and management

(5) To improve the value of goods food through scientific and reasonable packaging, appropriate packaging design, to give consumers a sense of health, nutrition, delicious sense and sense of security, thereby improving the value of food, effectively promote the sale of food.

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