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4 Things You Didn’t Know About Food Packaging

DATE: Aug 16th, 2022
Zhejiang Tianxiang Printing Co.,Ltd. Established in 2013 and we have the world's most advanced pre-production,color printing,post-printing processing equipment machines with has the perfect quality assurance and environmental management system and ;Has the enterprise resource planning (ERP)computer management system.It has perfect quality assurance,environmental management system and food safety management system

Business scope includingwidely covers from food packaging,pharmaceutical packaging, daily chemical packaging,and electronical & digital industriespackaging.Professional Main products are related to all kinds of food packaging,packaging paper,bags,paper cups,folding cartons,colorful corrugated micro flute boxes,gift boxes,shopping bags...

Tianxiang attach great importancepay much attention to the new techniques, new technologies,new materials,new box instructions types and new equipment's. Annual Output Value:US$5 Million - US$10 Million

Company introduced advanced international printing and packaging production line, now has more than one outside Japan komori printing machine, digital proofing, CTP plate maker cut prototype, automatic laminating machine, automatic high-speed framed tile machine, automatic die cutting machine, automatic stick box machine and other advanced equipment, which can realize from the design, printing, printed after the one-stop service. The company has a professional management, strong technical strength of the team, can meet all kinds of customer needs, advanced equipment, first-class technology and rigorous management for the rapid development of the company to provide a strong guarantee, has been fully verified by the market and customers perfect praise.
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