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Logo Printed Paper Bags Order

DATE: Feb 7th, 2023

Printed Paper Bag

Hi fellas. We would like to talk about a little about printed paper bags which is a big part of corporate identity

All of entrepreneurs would like to invest on their brand. What is corporate identity? If you are a restaurant or food retailer, answer is your custom printed napkin, wet wipe or table mat.

If you are a retail spot, then printed paper bag is the first answer. All corporate retail stores, such as fashion retailers, always be remembered with their spectecular paper bag designs.

If you are a manager or owner, instead of putting your products in plastic bags, a paper bag with your company’s logo, address, phone and even your facebook and instagram addresses will add value to your company.

Custom printed paper bag types

How can I find a paper bag manufacturer?
I will give you few hints. First thing you need to know is there are few reliable paper bag manufacturer in the market and you can not order below 10,000 pcs.

If you are a medium-sized or larger company, you can contact with paper bag manufacturers and decide how many thousand orders you will order, then with or without logo.

You should also have more tasks about deciding size of bag, artwork, handle type, paper type, paper thickness etc. You should decide on many things

Is it hard to order a printed bag?
It’s a bit tricky if you go backwards in stages like above. But as TianXiang Packaging, we save you from all the trouble and effort and send it to your address as you wish.

Why should you choose TianXiang Packaging?
We follow almost every job from visual confirmation of paper bag to production stage. We want to underline this. Unfortunately, no paper manufacturer takes the time to deal with all your wishes. The companies that do these works usually work with an automatic system. So if you want to have printed paper bag, you can give us a chance.

Final artwork approval

We will send you the digital work to submit for your approval in the light of your logo and dimensions.


With your approval to the visual work, we will notify you of the production time and we will take the suitability from you.

Still not finding what you're looking for? Contact our consultants for more available products.