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DATE: Feb 24th, 2023

With the rise of food delivery and takeout services, the role of packaging in food safety and preservation has become even more important. Packaging must not only protect the food from external contaminants such as bacteria, heat, moisture, and light, it must also preserve its freshness and quality, and it must be convenient and user-friendly for customers on-the-go. 

In this blog post, we will explore 5 roles of packaging in food safety and preservation for takeaway meals.

1 - Protection from External Contaminants
One of the main functions of food packaging is to protect the food from external contaminants. Food that is contaminated with bacteria can cause serious health problems for customers, so it is important to ensure that the takeaway meal packaging is made from materials that are safe for food contact, and are designed to prevent the growth of bacteria and other microorganisms. Companies have to follow very strict guidelines to ensure food safety procedures are followed, and packaging can make or break these safety measures. Protecting the food inside starts by determining and eliminating the threats on the outside.

2- Convenient and User-Friendly Design
Takeaway meal packaging must be convenient and user-friendly for customers on-the-go. This means that a company’s packaging must be easy to carry, open, and dispose of; and must keep the food at the correct temperature for as long as possible. Companies can use takeaway packaging to convey safety and cleanliness, keep meals looking delicious and maintain food quality for longer - creating a great customer experience and in turn, customer loyalty!

3 - Preservation of Freshness and Quality
Imagine this: You order your favourite meal online from your favourite restaurant, and an hour later it arrives… freezing cold. Will you be rushing to order from that restaurant again?

Probably not. Preserving the freshness and quality of food is essential to any company's success! This is especially important for hot food items, as they must be kept at a safe temperature to prevent the growth of bacteria. You need to make sure your delivery orders are fulfilled at the highest standard so that clients aren't let down - food arriving on time, looking amazing, and at the correct temperature is a guaranteed way to keep customers coming back for more. The right food packaging keeps your food fresh and ready-to-eat from your kitchen all the way to your customer’s door.

4 - Makes Food More Appealing

Packaging must keep food intact and upright so it arrives looking just as good as it would in a restaurant. People eat with their eyes, which means that attractive packaging and delicious looking food will help to increase sales and customer loyalty. This also means that you can charge a premium because well-packaged food has a higher perceived value.

5 - Sustainability

The spotlight is on the impact of packaging waste on the environment which is why it has become increasingly important for companies to use eco-friendly packaging. This means that the packaging must be made using materials that are sustainable, recyclable, biodegradable and compostable. Eco-friendly packaging can help you win over customers, so always add a recyclable symbol to your packaging - it can even increase the perceived value of your product!

In conclusion, the right packaging can help to ensure that customers receive a high-quality, safe, and convenient meal every time they order a takeaway. It is important for companies to consider the importance of packaging in food safety and preservation, and to invest in the right packaging solutions to meet the needs of their customers in order to ensure their success.

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