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Role of Packaging in today’s world

DATE: Jan 16th, 2023

One of the most important elements in the Marketing mix is Promotions. And lately, packaging has become a strong element of the Marketing mix. Some say it should fall under Promotions because it helps in attracting attention for the product. Others say, it serves a much higher purpose then only promotions and hence the argument is that packaging can become the 5th P of the marketing mix. Nonetheless, we feel the role of packaging is very important in Marketing and sales.

Here are a set of crucial roles that packaging plays in an organization or for the product.

1) Information and self service for the customer.

One of the first role that packaging plays, especially in new products launches, is the information provided on the packaging. This information can tell the consumer how to cook the food product, it can tell them how to use a technology product, or it can lay out any procedures and precautions necessary during the usage of the product.

2) Information as a safeguard
Packaging information can also be used as a means to safeguard the company. In case someone sues the company for information not provided, and that information is already printed on the packet, then the company can raise it hands and say that the information was already provided. Here’s a funny take. If you have seen the FRIENDS episode where Ross comes to know that condoms are effective only 97% of the time, you can see the hilarity that follows. And yes, the condom company is safe even if someone gets pregnant. Because they have clearly written that they are effective only 97% of the time. Get the gist how packaging can save you?

3) Innovation in packaging helps sales
There have been many instances where the role of packaging in increasing sales is evident. Look at the example of Tetra pack which was introduced by Frooti in India. Or you can also have a look at how Ready mix concrete has changed the market. No mixing of cement required anymore because it comes directly from the company. Such innovation in packaging leads to more sales because more and more customers prefer a convenient packaging over a non convenient one. Not only the tetra pack, the sachets used for small packaging of oil, shampoo or any other small items have increased the sales tremendously of these items. They are easy to carry, easy to be sold off and have penetrated the market thoroughly. They can also be used as samples for the product. If you look at Cadbury celebrations, a whole new gift item has spawned just by repacking the already well selling items in the market like Dairy milk and 5 star.
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